The final gathering of the partners with the participation of guests, representatives of the Football Federation of Serbia, school principals participating in the workshop, and the Municipal Secretariat for Sport and Youth, was organized in Belgrade by Gentlemen’s and accompanied by significant media attention. Representatives of the Gentlemen Association and scientific consultants presented the course, key results and conclusions of the realized workshops cycle with students of 9 Belgrade schools, and confirmed the strategic intention to continue with programs and projects in this area. The representative of the Football Association of Serbia, Aleksandra Čupović, expressed satisfaction with the cooperation on the project and assured that the FSS will continue to support the activities of the Association in the field of education and development of the new generation of fans, which are also corelated with the actions supported by the UEFA. The director of the elementary school “Karađorđe”, Obrad Drakulić, conveyed excellent impressions of the workshop and the desire to continue these educational activities in the future, with the inclusion of teachers who would gain more knowledge and competencies to raise awareness of young people, and timely prevent their disorientation and falling under the negative influence of hooligan groups. The representative of the City Secretariat for Sports and Youth Ms Vesna Zirić, the parent of the three boys, also expressed satisfaction with the project and stated the need to include parents in future programs, who are also an extremely important factor in creating a value system for young people and directing them towards positive inclusion in sports and activities in a sports environment. In their presentations, the representatives of the partner organizations Tanya Kyriakidou and Besart Shabani also highlighted the activities and campaigns they carried out during the project and in support to the workshops as its central deliverable, expressing their readiness to continue international cooperation and joint actions in the direction of improving the situation in sports and educating young people.