ASTERI had five meetings related to project topic with representatives from Sport Teams IRAKLIS Sports Club, with the President of the Amateur Club, the general Secretary and two members from the coaching Team, soccer and track and field. From ASTERI were Tanya Kyriakidou and Apostolos Nalmpantis. AGEP Pieria, the meeting took place in Katerini, Pieria with the Basket ball coach Hoop Basket Volley Soccer Academy, the meetings with the Coaches took place end of April and beginning of May. The coaches agreed to inspire the players to “teach” their parents how to behave in games and continue that with their friends as well.Orfeas Ilioupolis Soccer Team meeting with the Club President and the coaches took place April 18 in Ilioupoli.Both the President and the head of coaches agreed to introduce the training for Sports Fans in September in their Team.The meeting will be continued after the COVID restrictions with the parents of the young players as agreed with the Team and ASTERI members.Digenis Ano Poroia, the meeting took place through the internet since the Covid restrictions did not allow us to travel outside our Municipal.The Mayor of Sintiki, the President of the team Digenis, the coaches and the Board of members agreed to participate Also Asteri continued our communications with Sport companies.We felt that is important to engage them since the employees most of the time are ex athletes and the buyers are sport people and fans.OXIA company mostly soccer clothing provider “signed up” with our proposal and we introduced the project to their staff. The meeting took place in their premises in Evosmos Thessaloniki and lasted 3 hours.The employees ex athletes and coaches made very interesting points regarding the behavior of the parents and how they force their kids to play harder while at the same time they question the referee or the coach for his or her decisions.The meeting took place April 29, 2021.