Workshops for school-age children were the focal point of the entire project, with a great deal of effort invested in its preparation and implementation by all members of the “Gentlemen” Association, project partners and research associates who participated in the project. In the preparation phase, the following activities were carried out: • Preparation of a presentation for the workshop with accompanying illustrative materials • Communication with the Serbian national football team top players and preparation of video messages to workshop young participants • Communication of the prepared material and goals of the project to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and obtaining consent and operational support for the implementation of educational workshops in nine Belgrade primary schools. • Communication of the prepared material and project goals to the Secretariat for Sports and Youth of the City of Belgrade and obtaining support for the project implementation • Communication with the Football Federation of Serbia and obtaining support for the implementation of the project, and its connection with FFS programs in the field of youth education supported by UEFA • Communication with primary school principals and obtaining operational support for the organization of workshops in adequate spaces, as well as the participation of interested students • Involvement of partner organizations from Kumanovo and Thessaloniki in the preparation of materials and campaigning ideas and results of the project workshops in their communities • Involvement of a specialized trainer and realization of preparatory training for presentersmembers of the Gentlemen Association for presentation and interaction with participants • Technical preparation of workshops Due to the epidemiological situation, the workshops were rescheduled in relation to the basic project plan. With respect to all health measures and understanding of the institutions involved, we managed to successfully organize all 9 planned workshops in the following Belgrade elementary schools:1. 20.04.2021: Elementary School Vuk Karadžić – Palilula, Takovska 41 2. 21.04.2021: Elementary School Jovan Popović – Karaburma, Marijane Gregoran 62 3. 21.04.2021: Elementary School Karađorđe – Voždovac, Jove Ilića 2 4. 22 04.2021: Elementary School Dušan Radović – Novi Beograd, Bulevar Z. Đinđića 112 5. 22.04.2021: Elementary School Siniša Nikolajević – Vračar, Timočka 246. 23.04.2021: Elementary School Majka Jugovića – Zemun, Gradski park 9 7. 26.04.2021: Elementary School Josif Pančić – Čukarica, Požeška 52 8. 27.04.2021: Elementary School Lazar Savatić – Zemun, Kej Oslobođenja 27 9. 28.04.2021: Elementary School Mladost - Novi Beograd, Gandijeva 99