In accordance with the project plan, a study visit of the partner to the sports organization FC Lokomotiva is planned. Since international travel was disabled during that period, representatives of foreign partners could not participate in this visit, so they were realized by a group of the Association “Gentlemen” and introduced all other participants with its results. The goals of the visit were to get acquainted with the history of the club, the way of their organization and participation in competitions in the leagues in which they participate, as well as to see the potentials and directions of continuing the cooperation that began with this project. The key focus was to consider the relationship between the club management and the fans, between the club and the young players, and finally between the players and the fans themselves. Special attention is paid to the target group of young players aged 14- 16 and to their views, experiences and expectations. FC Lokomotiva was founded in 1985 and has been competing in the 3rd or 4th football leagues of Serbia. During the visit, we talked to the general manager of the club Mr. Milan Rusalić, who shared his experiences regarding communication on the lines of managementplayers-fans, efforts to neutralize negative behaviors and practices and promote fair play and the positive aspects of sports in his environment, and that everyone wants the club to function as extended family. The young players, who are the same age group as the participants in the school workshops provided by the project, conveyed their impression that education and communication are extremely important, because they themselves are in the triple role of being players and students in school and also, in their free time, fans of their clubs, and that the role of coaches in this regard is extremely important, as well as school teachers and their parents. The expressed wish of everyone to continue with the cooperation after the end of this project. FC Lokomotiva as an amateur sports club is a good example of efforts to jointly improve the situation in sports starting from the grass-roots level, as well as the need to work continuously and in the long run to build true values among young people, both in sports and in broader social plan.