Serbian NGO non-profit fans association „The Gentlemen“ has been established in 2007.It promotes the idea of non-violent support of our national team and clubs.We have self-organised tours to a dozen of foreign countries to support our teams, but also make friends all around the world and share our ideas of sportsmanship.Serbia had passed through a turbulent period of crises, which had numerous negative impacts to whole society, especially youth, in terms of violence, nationalism, social exclusion, lack of education.Our idea is to create an educational program with local professionals, which will be delivered through 9 sessions organised for 14-16y old adolescent population in primary and secondary schools, consisting of these themes: • Tackling the problem of violence, hooliganism and their consequences to future life of young individuals • Demystifying root causes of violent behaviors around sport arenas, including fake appealing motives • Presenting documentary materials about the negative events of the past which occurred partially as a consequence of non-existing educational effort and systemic approach and presenting positive practice • Sharing the stories about „The Gentlemen“experiences around the globe, showing the right example is possible • Interactive part with young participants • End-session structured survey to collect inputs from the participants • Workshop results will be analyzed, with reports created at the end.The Partners on the Project will help the program with their relevant researches and statistics to help us to benchmark, analyze and survey.Also, they will initiate public debate around the topic in their countriesThe final project report will include overall program results with conclusions and recommendations for future steps.The findings will be freely disseminated to the public in our region and EU countries, aiming to provide added value to the efforts of improving sports fan culture.