Title of the event: RESPECT IN SPORT- how to educate and develop the culture of tolerance

Scope of the Multiplier event in Belgrade is to improve and test pedagogical materials which will be used by coaches to educate young football players how to respect others and not just the rules of the game.
Pedagogical materials will be developed to tackle the problem of violence, hooliganism and the consequences such behaviours have to the professional opportunities, life and future of the young individuals; conflict management; intercultural dialog and informal learning through sport.  
The pedagogical material will be designed to demystify root causes of violent, intolerant and discriminatory behaviours at and around sport arenas, including fake appealing behaviours and motives intended to recruit young athletes.

Participants will be: RIGHTS project partners, sport clubs managers, coaches, trainers, public authorities, media, sport communicators, federation and sport umbrella organization, other civil society organization and youths organization