TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETING No.4 After COVID period first project meeting which was held in presence!

The scope of the meeting No.4 is to validate all the deliverables and output of the first line of intervention as well as to plan next steps for awareness raise. During the review it will be checked the state of play in general, and schedule of next steps and decisions will be made.

Preliminary topics:

  • State of play analysis, monitoring indicators and review IO2 and IO3;
  • Sharing the campaign raise and intercultural sport event format and co-planning the pilot event;
  • Sharing methodology and contents of design of D4.1 and D4.2 comics campaign;
  • Co-arrange the rights charter for sport clubs and fans club – IO3;
  • Informing about progress on all deliverables which are in production phase;
  • Closure session – next step planning, management issues, check needs for rescheduling,etc.